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    Trim Painting

    When giving your home's interior a fresh paint job, don't make the mistake of overlooking g the trim. From older homes with large decorative trim pieces or more moderate homes that boast in classical crown molding and base board trim, H2 Painting Services of Easley have the professionals that can finish off your home makeover with beautiful trim work that brings any room in your house new character. When you choose to give special thought to the detail of how to finish the trim on your home, you will likely find that there are a numerous ways to do so. Applying a new coat of stain to trim which is usually found in older homes is a popular way to add both warmth and texture to your room. It is also a good way to maintain the classic original look to an older home with history and character. more modern homes will typically have just the basics for trim.


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    Crown molding is used in a room to add a more elegant feel to the space. The biggest difference in baseboards in older homes and more modern ones is the height. The standard height of baseboards in homes built today is typically 3 1/2". Baseboards in older homes typically have a height of 5" or greater. Baseboards are mostly aesthetic with the primary function of hiding the area where the wall meets the floor. They also protect the walls from damage that can be done by vacuum cleaners, and scuffing by shoes and boots. Whether your home boasts elaborate decorative crown molding and high baseboards or more moderate crown molding and standard baseboards, H2 Painting Services of Easley will take care of the task from start to finish to make sure that you get the interior wood trim finish that showcases every one of your rooms.