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    In most homes built today, wallpaper is rarely used, rather most prefer paint wall coverings. What most homeowners typically don't know is that while the initial investment of installing a quality wallpaper may be more expensive, it can result in a savings of 30% or more over time. Painted surfaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their pristine appearance. Repainting of those surfaces will usually be required approximately every 3 - 4 years. Most people are familiar with a variety of painting techniques that can be obtained by using wallpaper, they typically are not aware of the unique features that can be obtained only by the use of wallpaper. Commonly found in houses built today, is an accent wall on one wall in a room while the remaining wall have a smooth solid paint finish. An accent wall can easily be obtained by using a quality wallpaper that compliments the paint color on the remaining walls in the room. There are many reasons to us wallpaper in your home. Patterns give your room character making it more interesting, and are eye catching. Quality wallpapers will add a feel of sophistication to the room; and you don't have to cover an entire wall to obtain this sophisticated feel .Applying wallpaper to the walls in your home gives your home a more personal, cozy feel to the space. Design problems can easily be solved with wallpaper. Wallpaper does not need to overwhelm! There are more understated options to create the look you want for your rooms design that speaks more to your subtle style. Whether you want to add an accent wall using wallpaper or you want to express a more intrinsic bold style to your room, H2 Painting Services of Easley has professional wallpaper installers to provide the look you desire in your home!

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