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    We're Your #1 Resource for Painting Services in Easley, SC!

    Whether you're a person just starting out in life or a retiree, Easley, South Carolina is a great place to live. From the excellent climate to the proximity to the mountains, the South Carolina coast and the entertainment available in nearby Greenville, Easley has much to offer.


    Everyone wants to support their local businesses. By contacting H2 Painting Services of Easley, you are supporting local painting contractors that will service your painting needs (and more!) and provide employment for area painters. Just like much of Easley has undergone revitalization, we can help you revitalize your home or commercial business with all of your painting needs. Our painters are top notch with many years of experience and have a work ethic second to none. We will show up on-time and complete the job. Then we will leave your home or business spotless.


    If you are ready to get started on your "revitalization" project just give us a call. We will schedule a visit and give you a quote. We can then schedule the work and we will show up when we say.

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    Interior Painting Services

    Whether you just want to freshen up a room with the same color or you want to completely change color schemes, we are here with advice and with the expertise for all of your interior painting needs. Our experienced painters will have it done in no time. We will use protective coverings to protect your furniture and floors to avoid any accidents. We will fill any holes or cracks in your walls or ceilings and prep them for painting. Your input is always sought throughout the process to make sure the finished work is up to your expectations.


    Exterior Painting Services

    On thing that affects the curb appeal positively of your home or business is a crisp, clean, professionally painted exterior. A freshly painted exterior can improve the value of your home many time your investment. During the process, we can assess any issues that you may have and provide a plan to address anything that comes up such as mold or rotten soffits to leakage around window and door trim. We will work with you to make sure the finished project is completed on time and as you envisioned. Out painters are the best!


    Popcorn Ceilings

    Let's be honest. Popcorn ceilings were made popular because it allowed the building contractor to cover up many imperfections on a ceiling. Now, the trend is to remove those popcorn ceilings and use a simple, clean flat ceiling. Removal of a popcorn ceiling will likely involve some degree of resurfacing the ceiling to make it truly flat. Scaping the popcorn off is also an extremely messy job. The dust from the process goes everywhere! We can remove the ceiling and contain the mess. We will vacuum the area and clean as we go. Then we will do whatever resurfacing that is required, prep the ceiling and paint it completely. Your new ceiling will be fresh and beautiful.


    Trim Painting

    Day to day living, pets and kids can take their toll on interior moldings and millwork. The exterior trim is exposed to the elements and critters. Both may require patching or even replacement. We can handle that and provide the proper primer and finished paint that will make the interior of your home or business look great and give the exterior a facelift. With your input, we will use the proper paints to provide a crisp, durable look to your trim work.


    Drywall Repair

    Do you have cracks in a wall due to settling in your house? Or, have you had a door pushed against a wall too hard? It happens. Drywall is not meant to be indestructible. If you have cracks or holes in your wall, we can fix it fairly easily. It does require some expertise to make sure that the patch blends in with the rest of the wall. We have the expertise and the experience to patch you wall or ceiling. We will patch it, sand it, prime it and paint it.



    Wallpaper CAN look great or it CAN be an eyesore. If you have wallpaper that you want to remove and use paint, our painters can remove the wallpaper, prepare the wall for painting and then complete the job with a fresh coat of paint. If on the other hand, you want to accent a specific wall or walls, wallpaper can be an excellent choice. We have experienced wallpaper hangers that can handle the job.


    Deck or Fence Staining

    If you have a weathered deck of wooden privacy fence we can bring it back to life. We will pressure wash the deck or fence, cleaning it thoroughly. Then we will allow it to dry completely. Then, if you wish to have stain added, we will do that. Finally, we will seal up the deck or fence to keep it looking good for years. Along the way, if any component needs to be replaced, we will alert you to that and we can handle the replacement.